Eric Swalwell Slams Republican Impeachment Inquiry

( – California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell last weekend described the Republican-led impeachment inquiry into President Biden as a “continuation of the insurrection” and described Kevin McCarthy as a “spectator speaker” who has surrendered his job to Donald Trump.

While appearing on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki” last Sunday, the California Democrat, who gained notoriety for his vocal opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency, slammed the Republican House for pursuing an impeachment inquiry while the government is “hurtling toward a shutdown.”

Describing the inquiry as a “continuation of the insurrection,” Swalwell pointed out that many Republican House members visit the jailed January 6 defendants¬† “to give them comfort and aid.” He said these Republican members have never accepted that Biden is the “legitimate president” and suggested that the impeachment inquiry is about “putting Donald Trump in charge.”

When host Jen Psaki asked what role Donald Trump has in the Republican House’s decisions, Swalwell claimed that Trump, McCarthy, “and the other pro-insurrection Republicans” have not accepted that Biden is the president.

He suggested that the GOP House is nothing more than Donald Trump’s law firm.

Describing Speaker McCarthy as “a spectator speaker,” Swalwell argued that while McCarthy might hold the title, it is Donald Trump, along with Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who “share the job.”

Swalwell also hammered the House Republicans for risking a government shutdown.

The outspoken anti-Trump congressman accused Speaker McCarthy of being more concerned with keeping his position than he is with the impact a government shutdown will have on Americans.

He told Jen Psaki that McCarthy could “be an adult” and have the House vote on the spending bills passed in the Senate. But instead, he argued, the House GOP “are failures” who cannot govern.

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