Family Searching For Answers After 14yo Boy Dies In His Sleep

( – A 14-year-old Australian boy with no previous health problems died suddenly in his sleep last weekend while visiting his grandparents, The New York Post reported.

William Pfeiffer, 14, of Queenstown in Adelaide, fell asleep last Sunday and never woke up.

His parents, Mike Shaw and Karen Lynch, said their son had no prior health issues that could explain what happened, nor did he show any symptoms before he went to sleep.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

Nicole Baans, a lifelong friend of Karen Lynch, told The Advertiser that William seemed “happy and healthy” when he and his siblings were at a sleepover at his grandparents’ house. When his grandparents checked on him, they discovered that “something wasn’t right,” Baans said.

Baans organized a GoFundMe account to raise money for the family.

Baans explained that William’s mother, a photographer and wedding celebrant, would be unable to work due to the grief of losing her son and said she wanted to help “ease the financial burden.” The money raised will help cover the funeral expenses and any support services William’s family may require.

Baans told the Advertiser that William was a happy boy with a “heart of gold” who loved to make people laugh.

According to principal Joe Corbo of Gleeson College where William attended school, memorial services will be planned for students and staff who are unable to attend the funeral. The school has displayed a photo of William at the altar of the chapel where the students can mourn his loss and plans to hold a “loud sock day” in honor of William who was known for wearing colorful socks.

Principal Corbo said extra counseling was available for the students and staff affected by William’s sudden death.

By Monday, the GoFundMe exceeded the AUD 50,000 goal by AUD 3,795.

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