Family Upset as Mom Charges $200 for Christmas Feast

( – A UK woman with a history of being fodder for the British tabloids once again made news last week, this time over her decision to charge family members to attend her Christmas dinner, the New York Post reported.

Carla Bellucci, who has been described in the UK tabloids as “Britain’s most hated woman,” revealed last week that she is charging a £150 admission price for each person who plans to attend her Christmas dinner.

Bellucci told the UK Daily Mail that she should be compensated for the time, expense, and trouble of preparing a holiday spread for fifteen people. Any family member who balks at the cover price can “get stuffed,” Bellucci said.

The married mother of four, who previously made the tabloids after she faked depression to get the NHS to pay for a nose job, is expecting nine relatives at her Christmas dinner, and most of them will have to pay the £150 before they can step foot into her home.

The admission fee includes a turkey dinner and one glass of champagne. If her guests expect to drink more, they will have to bring their own.

Bellucci told the Mail that she expects to turn a tidy profit from her Christmas entry fee, but explained that her family understands that everything she does “is for profit.” She added that if any guest is “disgusted” with having to pay entry, they don’t need to show up. Bellucci explained that guests should have to pay for quality, arguing that if a hotel or restaurant charges for Christmas dinner, why shouldn’t she?

Bellucci added that as an added perk, her Christmas guests will be treated to His Majesty King Charles III’s Christmas speech.

In short, she’ll have the TV playing in the background.

At 10:00 p.m. on the dot, following a game of charades, Bellucci plans to “kick them all out and send them home.”

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