Former Trump Attorney Mocked For Calling On God

( – Among the 19 defendants named in the Fulton County fraud and racketeering indictment against Donald Trump and his allies is former Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis. But because Ellis is backing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the 2024 GOP primary, it was reported that the Trump PAC covering the legal fees of Trump allies will not be offering her any help.

In the 41-count indictment, Ellis is charged with soliciting, requesting, and importuning legislators in Pennsylvania to unlawfully appoint fraudulent electors from the state. She, along with the other 18 defendants, also faces a racketeering charge under Georgia’s RICO Act.

In a post on X last Friday, Ellis responded to a post from CPAC founder Matt Schlapp by noting that the Trump campaign is not helping to pay her legal costs and asking Schlapp if he believes that this is bigger than just one man, “why isn’t MAGA, Inc. funding everyone’s defense?”

A fundraising drive with GiveSendGo was set up by Ellis’ legal team last Tuesday to help her cover the costs of her defense. So far, she has raised more than $90,000. Ellis is represented by attorney Mike Melito.

Last Tuesday, Ellis responded to her indictment in a post on X, accusing Democrats in Fulton County of “criminalizing the practice of law.”

A devout Christian, Ellis said she was “resolved to trust in the Lord” by continuing to “honor, praise, and serve him.” She also expressed her thanks to those who had reached out to offer their support and encouragement.

Unsurprisingly, Trump fans angry at Ellis for supporting DeSantis joined with anti-Trump Democrats in attacking Ellis’ tweet and expressing glee in her legal troubles.

Additionally, the far-left Huffington Post took special delight in highlighting some of the more vicious tweets directed at Ellis. The outlet mockingly noted, “God wasn’t available to comment on Ellis’ actions.”

Ellis is one of several Trump attorneys charged in the Fulton County indictment. Also facing charges are Rudy Giuliani, Kenneth Chesebro, John Eastman, and Sidney Powell.

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