Gavin Newsom Needs to Get His Facts Straight When It Comes to Guns

( – California Governor Gavin Newsom got blasted on X (the app formerly known as Twitter) for sharing the deceptive leftist talking point that guns kill more “kids” than any other cause of death in the US. He then used that as a springboard to attack Republicans, claiming the fault was theirs due to their unwillingness to advance gun control legislation. 

President Joe Biden deployed this lie once before and was called on it by Breitbart News. The claim only works if you consider 18 and 19-year-old young adults as children. The data arose from a CDC report from May 2022 which tabulated firearm deaths from 2020 for people aged 0-19 totaling 4,368. Vehicle deaths for the same cohort were 4,036. 

When you search for actual children or people who are 0-17 years old the number almost halves to 2,281 which is still well above other causes of death in the same group. Leftists love to alter the definitions of words to suit their political agenda. They refuse to define man or woman, and now “child” includes legal adults who can vote and be drafted. 

One woman said “wrong” and indicated abortion was the number one killer of children. She chided Newsom for California’s use of taxpayer money to fund them.  

Popular legal YouTube personality Viva Frei called baloney, sharing screenshots and data that indicated the leading causes of death for minor children include accidents, suicide, and murder. 

Other accounts indicated they believed experimental injections might be contributing to the rise in child mortality. Some mentioned gang violence. One person pointed out that California has the most mass shootings out of any other state and suggested Newsom should be doing more to address the issue. 

Heavily gun-controlled Massachusetts was the scene of the latest mass shooting with 7 people injured early morning on Saturday, August 26th. This event yet again reveals that criminals and bad actors will get guns regardless of gun control and that the policies only effectively disarm law-abiding citizens. 

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