Hannity Comes to Taylor Swift’s Defense

(HorizonPost.com) – Fox News primetime host Sean Hannity came to the defense of Taylor Swift last week in the face of harsh criticism from some on the right after Swift encouraged her fans to register to vote, Mediaite reported.

During a segment on his Thursday evening broadcast featuring comedian Jimmy Failla, Hannity addressed the social media-generated controversy over the popular singer, noting that if he let politics determine what music he listened to, he would only have “five choices.”

Hannity said his favorite genres are contemporary Christian and country music, adding that he admires Taylor Swift’s talent. He praised Swift’s songwriting talent and pointed out that her concerts feature “nearly 50 songs.”

Hannity also had praise for Swift’s “wardrobe changes,” and described her as “a great businesswoman” and a “lovely girl” who is “extraordinarily nice to her fans.”

Given that, Hannity said he hates that people are “hating on her.”

Hannity asked guest Jimmy Failla if he was a “Swifty.” Failla said he wasn’t, but added that he respects them.

In addressing the rumors that the singer, who is an outspoken Democrat, is dating NFL player Travis Kelce, Hannity accused the football player of being “woke,” noting that Kelce supported Bud Light and promoted the COVID vaccine.

Hannity wrapped up the segment by saying he didn’t care where people get their advice, whether from a football player or a pop star. He said this is a free country and both Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are “entitled to their views,” even if he disagrees with them.

At the same time, Hannity said he still recognizes their talent, “and they’re both enormously talented,” he added. He closed by wishing both Swift and Kelce the best.

“I hope it works for them,” Hannity said.

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