Hungary Exempts Mothers Under 30 From Paying Income Tax

( – As part of the country’s strategy to raise its native birth rate, mothers in Hungary under the age of 30 will not be required to pay income taxes. In recent years, as some of its fellow EU countries have chosen to address their population problems with mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East, Hungary has implemented a number of pro-family policies.

According to reports, Hungary continues to promote family values by exempting from personal income tax beginning in January any women who become mothers before the age of 30. Balázs Orbán, a representative of President Viktor Orbán in the Hungarian parliament, posted in a tweet.

In the past, additional pro-family initiatives have been announced by Hungary, one of which exempts mothers with at least four children from paying income tax for the rest of their lives. To help working adults save for starting their own families, they will also be exempt from paying taxes until they are 25.

Reports show Hungary’s Secretary of State for Family Policy, Agnes Hornung, explained that according to the government’s calculations, tens of thousands of young mothers with an income could avail themselves of the possibility of tax exemption. They are not only eligible for the new income tax exemption. They are equally qualified for all other forms of family support, including the family tax allowance, the expectant mother loan, and the childcare fee.

According to Hornung, whether the mother is married or not, the tax break is valid from the 12th week of pregnancy until the end of the year she turns 30. The policy has the dual goal of promoting childbirth and leaving more money for families.

Viktor Orbán, the president of Hungary, has long criticized the EU for prioritizing immigration from countries in Africa and the Middle East over increasing the birthrate in the EU member states. Orbán said that Hungarians have a different perspective on this. In 2019, he said that Immigration means surrender. We don’t need numbers. We need Hungarian children.

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