John Hinckley Jr. Claims He’s a Victim of Cancel Culture

( – More than 30 years after he failed to assassinate President Ronald Reagan, John Hinckley Jr. claims he’s been targeted by cancel culture. Hinckley famously pursued a music career after authorities released him from a mental facility in 2016 and eventually found a sizable following on YouTube. Hinckley had managed to schedule a concert at Connecticut’s Hotel Huxley, but the hotel abruptly canceled the concert and issued a statement about the potential controversy surrounding a Hinckley concert.

Hinckley said that Hotel Huxley’s cancellation wasn’t the first instance of his concerts failing to reach the stage, as more than ten of his past scheduled concerts were postponed indefinitely due to concerns about the controversy. According to Hinckley, he isn’t surprised when venue owners decide against letting him perform, as he knows how much controversy surrounds his music career. Hinckley had concerts in multiple states, including New York and Detroit, due to his attack on Reagan. Hinckley’s first-ever scheduled concert also failed to materialize, as the venue canceled the concert and released a critical statement regarding Hinckley and his music.

The venue, the Hotel Market, claimed that allowing Hinckley to perform would pose a potential risk to communities in the area. The statement also referred to Hinckley’s music, claiming that Hinckley hadn’t earned the opportunity to have his music shared with a larger audience. Despite the hotel’s harsh statement, Hinckley claimed he didn’t harbor any negative emotions about the cancellation and understood why venues were hesitant to grant him a concert.

Hinckley is considered a controversial figure due to his failed attempt at murdering President Ronald Reagan during the early 1980s. Hinckley, who claimed that he attempted to shoot the president due to his desire to impress Jodie Foster, maintains that he wasn’t mentally well during the shooting. Eventually, authorities detained Hinckley in a mental health facility following the nationally publicized case, where he remained for almost 30 years. Hinckley has briefly addressed the failed assassination since his release but refuses to discuss the incident beyond stating that he’s changed his mindset since the shooting.

Although authorities released Hinckley in 2016, he remained under court supervision for six years. In 2022, a court released Hinckley from supervision after determining that Hinckley didn’t pose a threat to others or himself. After his release, Hinckley began experimenting with art, including painting and making music. Despite Hinckley’s attempts at moving beyond the assassination attempt, the failed shooter claims that cancel culture refuses to allow him the chance to reinvent himself.

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