Man Uses Baseball Bat As Weapon After Catching Unfaithful Wife

( – A man in Palm Beach County, Florida was arrested last month for allegedly beating a man with a baseball bat after discovering him in bed with his wife, WKMG News reported.

Deputies from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office responding to calls about an “armed dispute” arrived at an apartment on South Federal Highway on June 17 where they found a man bleeding heavily.

The man told deputies that he and a coworker had gone out for drinks before returning to the apartment he was renting through Airbnb. According to the affidavit, the man was from Arizona but was in town working as a CT technician, CBS12 reported.

The woman said she and the man were lying on the bed when they heard the front door open. When the man got up from the bed to see who had entered, suddenly, John Dimmig, 33, the woman’s husband, charged at him brandishing an aluminum baseball bat, according to the affidavit.

The victim told deputies that Dimmig pinned him to the ground and began striking him with the bat while screaming for him to stay away from his wife. Afterward, Dimmig left the apartment.

When deputies arrived at Dimmig’s Lake Park home, they found him loading garbage bags full of clothes into the trunk of his car.

Deputies said the suspect denied hitting anyone with a baseball bat.

But surveillance footage obtained from the owner of the Airbnb apartment showed Dimmig walking in holding the bat. A woman is heard on the footage screaming for her husband to stop.

After receiving written consent from his wife, deputies searched Dimmig’s home and found a black aluminum bat in the laundry room along with a white T-shirt with blood on it.

Dimmig was placed under arrest and taken to Palm Beach County Jail.

He will appear in court on July 17.

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