McConnell Advocates Combined Aid for Ukraine and Israel

( – While appearing on “Fox News Sunday” over the weekend, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell voiced his support for President Biden’s request to tie aid to Israel to aid with Ukraine.

McConnell insisted that support for Ukraine will have ramifications beyond its ongoing war with Russia, explaining if Russia is not defeated, Moscow will set its sights on NATO countries.

On Friday, the White House asked Congress to approve a $106 billion emergency aid package for Israel and Ukraine that also included some money for the southern border. While providing aid to Israel enjoys broad support in Congress, linking the aid to further spending on Ukraine could complicate the matter.

A small group of Republican lawmakers have pushed back on spending more money on the war in Ukraine, including Ohio Senator J.D. Vance who said tying aid to Israel to further aid to Ukraine is “disgraceful.”

However, the backing of Mitch McConnell could help cut through the opposition to the president’s request.

McConnell said with threats from Russia and China, coupled with “terrorism problems,” the US has to take a “worldwide approach rather than trying to take parts of it out.”

He said all of it is connected, explaining that China and Russia have strengthened their relationship while Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terror, is supplying the drones that are being used both in Ukraine and against the Israelis.

Despite his agreement with President Biden on providing aid to Ukraine, McConnell emphasized that he is opposed to the president’s domestic agenda.

He explained that he could not think of a “single thing” the Biden administration has done domestically that he supports but said on foreign policy and defense, he prefers the old way of doing things, namely putting aside political differences to “do the right thing for our country and for our allies.”

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