Meme-Savvy Rep. Mike Collins Shares Speaker Battle Frustration

( – Georgia Republican Congressman Mike Collins emerged as a surprising and entertaining star of social media during the latest Speaker drama on Capitol Hill, the Washington Examiner reported.

Through a series of humorous memes posted to his X account, Collins has spent the last two weeks poking fun at the Republican conference over its inability to elect a speaker after a handful of Republicans worked with the Democrats to oust Kevin McCarthy.

When asked if he was responsible for his humorous memes, Collins told the Washington Examiner last Friday that he has gotten “a lot of help from my friends.”

The Georgia Republican began posting the memes on October 12 after Majority Leader Steve Scalise was nominated for speaker.

Asked what inspired him to go on a meme-posting spree, Collins explained it was “more like a Southern thing.”

He said he wanted to bring a “little levity” and “a little humor” to “break some of the drama” over the speaker’s battle and “to lighten the mood just a little bit.”

While he conceded that electing a speaker, particularly given the current situation, is “serious business,” Collins said, “you can still take a moment.”

On Thursday, Collins capped off his meme-making spree with a post asking his followers to tell his communications director when she returns from her “wedding week off,” that he has been behaving himself.

Collins told the Washington Examiner that he is hopeful that his silly memes might “make some difference” for the Republican House members. He said he had people coming up to him to thank him for the posts, saying they enjoyed them and thought they were needed.

His X memes were so popular on the platform that #MikeCollinsForSpeaker began trending late last week.

Collins told the Washington Examiner that while he is glad his memes were helpful, “we need to have a speaker” and “get back to work.”

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