Miami Dentist Fired for Taking Down Hostage Posters

( – The Miami dentist who was captured on video ripping down posters of the Israeli children kidnapped or murdered by Hamas lost his job on Wednesday, CBS News reported.

Ahmed Elkoussa, 31, was filmed in Brickell along with another man, Instagram “influencer” Xave Ramoul, holding what appeared to be balled-up papers in his hand as the two walked down the street sometime on Tuesday.

The video was shared by the “Stop Antisemitism” social media account, generating more than 4 million views and 3,100 replies on X.

By Wednesday morning, the dental office where Elkoussa practiced announced that he had been fired.

CG Smile said in a statement that it did not condone Elkoosa’s actions and asserted that the practice opposes the actions of terrorist groups or their supporters.

According to CBS News, the Instagram accounts of both Elkoosa and Ramoul have since been deleted.

An attorney for Dr. Elkoosa said Wednesday night the incident is being blown out of proportion.

Attorney Hassan Shibley told CBS News Miami that after speaking with Elkoosa in detail, he knows that the dentist “loves all Jewish children” and Muslim children. Shibley said Elkoosa believed the hostage posters “would escalate the conflict” and was trying to “de-escalate” by tearing them down.

By Wednesday, new posters had been put up to replace the ones Elkoosa and Ramoul tore down.

Dr. Elkoosa was not the only one captured on video ripping down posters of Israelis kidnapped or murdered by Hamas.

New York University junior Yazmeen Deyhimi was forced to issue an apology this week after she and another NYU student ripped down posters outside of Tisch Hall.

Mike Paul, a spokesman for the college junior claimed that her actions did not reflect her history of caring for and helping others. Paul said Deyhimi was frustrated because children and elderly in Gaza are also being killed and she was “frustrated with both sides.”

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