Moskowitz Outraged by KJP’s Antisemitism Stance

( – White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre spurred outrage on social media Monday, even from some of her fellow Democrats, after she downplayed the risk of antisemitic threats following the October 7 terror attacks in Israel as not being “credible” while falsely claiming there has been a “disproportionate number” Islamophobic attacks in the United States, the Washington Examiner reported.

During Monday’s White House press briefing, Jean-Pierre was asked how concerned President Biden was over the “potential rise of antisemitism” in the country due to the events in Gaza.

The press secretary dismissed concerns, saying the administration has not seen “any credible threats” against American Jews. But, Jean-Pierre added, there has been a “disproportionate number of hate-fueled attacks” against Muslims and the president is aware that Muslim Americans are “worried about the hate being directed at their communities.”

A video clip of Jean-Pierre’s tone-deaf remarks prompted anger on social media where videos and photos of violence and threats against American Jews from pro-Hamas protesters have become the norm in the last two weeks.

Among those expressing disappointment with the press secretary’s answer was Florida Democrat Rep. Jared Moscowitz.

In a post on X responding to the video clip, Moskowitz, who has routinely called out antisemitism online, described Jean-Pierre’s response as “weak.” He demanded to know why the press secretary needed to look down at her binder to answer the question, wondering if her response was the “approved answer” from the White House.

Moscowitz said the short answer to the reporter’s question should be, “yes, you are concerned about the rise of antisemitism,” suggesting that it is possible to be worried about hatred directed against both Jews and Muslims.

“Must do better,” Moscowitz said.

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