MTG Moves to Impeach Mayorkas

( – Last Thursday, Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene once again introduced a resolution calling for Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to be impeached, ABC News reported.

In the resolution, Greene accuses Majorkas of high crimes and misdemeanors related to the unprecedented number of illegal aliens and illegal drugs surging over the southern border.

Whether the House will take up the resolution in the coming days remains to be seen as time is quickly running out to avert a government shutdown before the November 17 deadline.

Rep. Greene told ABC News that she introduced the resolution now in response to the people who were killed in a car crash with human smugglers evading law enforcement.

Greene said because Mayorkas is “breaking the law” and his “oath of office,” “people are dying every single day in America.”

The Georgia congresswoman previously introduced articles of impeachment against the DHS secretary in May but it was never brought forward for a vote.

Greene told ABC News that the border crisis is “the number one issue” for Republican voters and is “becoming a number one issue” for Democrats as well. She said if any member of Congress tries to table her resolution, “the American people will let them know how they feel about that.”

When asked if Speaker of the House Mike Johnson supports her resolution, Greene said she called him to give him a heads up before she introduced it but he didn’t call her back.

In a previous interview on Fox News, Speaker Johnson told host Sean Hannity that he has long believed that impeachment was justified in the case of Secretary Mayorkas.

In a statement to ABC News, DHS spokeswoman Mia Ehrenberg dismissed Greene’s resolution, accusing the House GOP of wasting months “trying to score points with baseless attacks” while the Secretary has done his job and kept Americans safe.

Ehrenberg suggested that instead of trying to impeach Mayorkas, Congress should work with the Biden administration in reforming “our broken immigration system.”

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