President Biden Unveils Comprehensive AI Safety and Privacy Directive

( – President Biden on Monday signed a sweeping executive order on the development of artificial intelligence that will require the AI industry to develop security and safety standards and introduce customer protections, while giving federal agencies directives on overseeing the new technology, CBS News reported.

According to White House chief of staff Jeff Zients, the president directed his staff to move with urgency on the issue of artificial intelligence, which he considered a top priority.

The president believes that the federal government was been late in addressing the risks of social media which has caused many American youths to contend with various mental health issues. While artificial intelligence could have positive effects on boosting economic output, accelerating scientific research, and improving government services, the president believes that the technology could also pose risks, including increasing the spread of false information and becoming a tool for criminals and scammers.

The executive order will build on the voluntary commitments technology companies have already made and is part of a broader effect by the administration that will also include international diplomacy and congressional legislation.

By using the Defense Production Act, the president’s order will require AI developers to share with the federal government the results of safety tests and other information.

The order directs the National Institute of Standards and Technology to create standards to ensure that artificial intelligence tools are secure and safe before they are released to the public.

The president has also instructed the Commerce Department to issue guidance on adding labels and watermarks to AI-generated content so it can be easily distinguished from authentic content.

A White House official told CBS News that the directives to government agencies are expected to be implemented within 90 to 365 days, with a top priority being given to the items related to safety and security.

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