Republicans Propose Blocking SOTU Speech If President Doesn’t Submit Budget on Time

( – In early February, Republican Senator Joni Ernst introduced legislation that would require the president to submit a budget and National Security Strategy before the annual State of the Union address before Congress.

Under the SUBMIT IT Act (Send Us Budget Materials & International Tactics In Time), the president’s annual budget request and National Security Strategy for the next fiscal year must first be submitted to lawmakers before congressional leaders can invite the president to address a joint session of Congress.

In her press release announcing the bill, Senator Ernst noted that President Biden once again missed the deadline for submitting his budget plan. She said if the president is allowed to address the Congress and nation about his plans, he should be required to submit the plans in advance.

The House version of the SUBMIT IT Act is being sponsored by Georgia Republican Rep. Buddy Carter.

Carter said in the press release that the president had a duty to submit to Congress an annual budget and National Security Strategy and no president, regardless of party, should address Congress if “these vital documents” are not received on time.

Carter described the measure as a “reasonable check on the Executive Branch,” and said with the president “consistently ignoring deadlines,” Congress must hold him accountable.

In an interview with Fox News Digital on Monday, Carter said it was “irresponsible” for President Biden to routinely miss the deadline to submit his budget request or National Security Strategy. He said until Congress receives them, the president “has no business delivering a State of the Union address.”

In January, Speaker Mike Johnson invited the president to deliver his annual State of the Union address on March 7.

According to Fox News, even if the SUBMIT IT Act were to pass and get signed into law by President Biden, it would not take effect until 2025 and would have no impact on next week’s State of the Union address.

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