Rubio Dissects Biden’s Presidency

( – In a contentious interview with ABC News’s Jonathan Karl on Sunday, Senator Marco Rubio defended saying that it would be an “honor” to serve as Donald Trump’s vice president.

NBC News reported last week that Rubio was among the Republicans Donald Trump was considering as a possible running mate in the November election.

Rubio told NBC News last Thursday that it would be an “honor” to serve as vice president, noting that while he hadn’t discussed it with Trump, anyone who was offered the chance to serve “should consider that to be an honor.”

While appearing on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday morning, Rubio was asked by an incredulous Jonathan Karl if he “really” thought it would be an honor to serve as Trump’s running mate.

Rubio reiterated what he told NBC, explaining that anyone given the chance to serve as vice president should be honored. He again insisted that he had not spoken to Donald Trump or his campaign about the possibility of being Trump’s running mate, adding that Trump had “plenty of good people” to choose from.

Karl demanded to know why Rubio would want to serve as Trump’s vice president given what happened to Mike Pence on January 6.

Rubio dodged the question, saying that under Trump’s presidency, the country was safer and more prosperous, and had “very strong” relations with the Western Hemisphere.

Rubio argued that the country and the world were better off under Donald Trump than under Joe Biden, whom he described as “a disaster economically.” The Florida senator pointed out the number of crises that have unfolded under Biden’s watch, including the bungled Afghanistan withdrawal, the war in Ukraine, and the growing tensions in the Indo-Pacific.

A stunned Karl asked if Rubio was suggesting that all of those crises were because of Joe Biden, prompting Rubio to say, “Absolutely I am.”

As a final hail Mary, Karl played a video clip of Rubio during the 2016 Republican primary calling Trump a “con artist.” Echoing remarks by Kamala Harris when asked about accusing Biden of being a “segregationist” after he chose her as his running mate, Rubio told Karl, “It’s a campaign.”

Rubio noted that Karl didn’t play the clip of Kamala Harris attacking Biden, to which Karl replied, “That was then.” Rubio then latched onto that remark to say, “Yes, that was then. But it was a campaign.”

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