SF Mayor Wants To Get Rid Of Taxes To Attract Business

(HorizonPost.com) – In a recent interview, San Francisco Mayor London Breed suggested that if it helped the city attract business, she would consider getting rid of “most taxes on the books,” Breitbart News reported.

While appearing on CNBC’s “The Exchange” last Wednesday, Breed told host Deirdre Bosa that if she was able to do it, she would “get rid of most taxes on the books” “tomorrow” if it brought more businesses to San Francisco.

Breed said while she believes that businesses should “pay their fair share” of taxes, at the same time, it should not be at the “expense of losing business as a whole.”

She said the tax system should be reformed to make it more “fair” and “equitable” so that it works “for both the city and those businesses.”

Breed also said she wants to ensure that San Francisco’s streets are “clean” and “safe” and that commuters traveling on public transportation can get to work safely and “want to be here.”

Breed’s surprising about-face is likely due to recent polling and the fact that she is already facing viable challengers in the upcoming election.

Last month, the New York Times reported that a recent poll found that over 70 percent of San Francisco voters believe that the city is on the wrong track while 66 percent disapprove of Mayor Breed’s job performance.

Breed is facing challengers in 2024, including her former ally, Board of Supervisors member Ahsha Safaí, who is already outpolling Breed by campaigning on addressing crime and the “retail theft crisis.”

Levi Strauss heir Daniel Lurie is also planning to challenge Breed in next year’s election.

Bay Area consultant Jim Ross, who ran Gavin Newsom’s winning 2003 mayoral campaign, told the New York Times that already having candidates with the necessary resources entering this early is “not a good sign for any incumbent.” Ross added that 2024 is shaping up to be a “challenging race” for Mayor Breed.

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