Sharpton Condemned For Saying Black Trump Supporters ‘Have No Shame’

( – MSNBC contributor Al Sharpton raged against Donald Trump on Monday for boasting about how his indictments have boosted his support among black voters, The Wrap reported.

Trump addressed a campaign event for black conservatives in South Carolina last Friday where he suggested that blacks support him because they view him as a victim of discrimination. He also claimed that blacks “embraced” his infamous Fulton County mugshot “more than anyone else.”

While appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday, Sharpton accused Trump of playing on the stereotype that blacks are more likely to break the law. He slammed Trump for boasting about the popularity of his mugshot, reminding viewers that Trump’s mugshot was taken because he attempted to interfere with the election.

Sharpton claimed that blacks, by contrast, get arrested fighting for the right to vote, and said it was disrespectful of Trump to say what he did.

Sharpton noted that three of Trump’s court cases were brought by black people, Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, and Fani Willis. He expressed disgust that Trump thought black voters would rather side with him than with the black prosecutors.

Sharpton claimed that in all his years fighting for civil rights, he had never seen Trump stand up for black people when they were “treated wrong” by the justice system.

He blasted the black conservatives who attended Trump’s speech and suggested that they “need to check the facts” before cheering for Trump.

Sharpton wasn’t the only one disgusted by Trump’s remarks.

Biden campaign co-chair Cedric Richmond said in a statement that it was “insulting” and “plain racist” for Trump to think blacks would support him because of his criminal indictments.

Richmond suggested that Trump’s comments revealed his disdain for black voters, and accused Trump of thinking blacks are “uninformed” and unable to “see through his shameless pandering.”

Media reporter Joe Concha, however, slammed Sharpton, posting on X a photo of him posing with Donald Trump. Concha said Sharpton lecturing black voters “for not towing the party line” was “something to behold” given his previous relationship with Trump.

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