Staffer Who Snuck Nazi Image Into DeSantis Campaign Ad Fired

( – Nate Hochman, the DeSantis campaign staffer who independently created a video supporting DeSantis’ presidential run that included a Nazi symbol in the background was among the people dismissed from the DeSantis campaign last week, the Washington Examiner reported.

On Tuesday, Politico reported that the DeSantis campaign was cutting 38 of its 90-plus paid positions after a “top-to-bottom review” of the organization.

According to campaign manager Generra Peck, the job cuts were one of the “aggressive steps” the campaign is taking to “streamline operations” and better position DeSantis “to win this primary.”

The Washington Examiner confirmed that among those let go was DeSantis campaign speechwriter Nate Hochman.

Hochman was fired just days after creating a video of DeSantis in front of the Sonnenrad (sun wheel), an ancient symbol that was later appropriated by the Nazis and is still popular among some white supremacist groups. However, it is not clear if Hochman was fired because he made the video.

A DeSantis campaign official confirmed to the Washington Examiner that Hochman was no longer working for the campaign, but said the campaign “will not be commenting on him further.”

According to a report in Axios, Hochman made the video independent of the campaign and posted it to a Twitter account supporting the Florida Republican. Hochman then retweeted the video before it was removed.

The video, which featured the Kate Bush song “Running up that Hill,” criticized Donald Trump for failing to build a border wall and for pushing the COVID vaccines. It ended with an image of DeSantis over the state seal of Florida. The seal then transforms into the Sonnenrad.

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