Trump Requests Emergency Hearings Over Deep State

Trump Requests Emergency Hearings Over Deep State

( – Former President Donald Trump has requested emergency hearings over the deep state’s influence on Americans’ First Amendment rights, according to The Daily Mail. He called on Congress to hold meetings on the role the FBI and other federal agencies played in silencing and censoring citizens’ free speech.

In one of his latest campaign videos, Trump called attention to major issues he felt were hurting the country.

“We need a free press, we need free speech, we need fair elections, and we need borders,” he said in the video obtained by the outlet. He requested that the agencies partaking in censorship be immediately investigated and called on congressional leaders to begin issuing subpoenas.

The former president’s comments come a day after the GOP-led House voted to set up a committee to look into national security agencies and what Republicans have called partisan attempts to shut down conservatives, according to The Daily Mail.

Free speech and the abuses of big tech companies have been at the center of Trump’s 2024 campaign message. He has disseminated his message in scripted videos rather than his usual rallies. Last month he reportedly said that he would “ban federal money from being used to label domestic speech as ‘mis-‘ or ‘dis-information.’”

After Elon Musk acquired Twitter, he has been releasing internal documents that show collusion between federal agencies and the social media company to silence news stories and accounts for allegedly posting “misinformation.”

In one instance, the FBI collaborated with Twitter to shut down the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story weeks before the 2020 election, according to American Pigeon. It was “business as usual,” the outlet wrote, highlighting the agency’s response to the revelation.

The FBI called the “Twitter Files” an attempt by “conspiracy theorists” to “discredit the agency” with misinformation. They added that their communication with Twitter showed nothing new in their attempt to protect the public.

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