Uterus Transplants May Be Next Step In Trans Surgeries

(HorizonPost.com) – In a recent article, the American Medical Association discussed the ethical implications of providing uterus transplants for men who identify as “transgender women,” the Washington Examiner reported.

The article, published in the June edition of the AMA’s Journal of Ethics, analyzed the ethical arguments of the procedure, including whether uterus transplants should be funded by taxpayers.

According to the article, a “transgender woman” may want to have a uterus transplant either to gestate a child or “consolidate” his identity without gestating a child.

The article, written by philosophy professor Timothy Murphy of Illinois University College of Medicine and University of Texas med student Kelsey Mumford, argues that not all candidates seeking a uterus transplant would have the “same standing” to receive insurance coverage or federal subsidies for the procedure.

The first uterus transplant was conducted on a woman in 2013 in Sweden.

The cost of a uterus transplant in the United States runs between $100,000 and $300,000.

The authors admit that some men who would seek a uterus transplant do so for “personal interests” rather than gestating children or “achieving other kinds of status equality.”

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine professor Dr. Martin Makary told the Washington Examiner that the American Medical Association opted for “activist positions” rather than “funding objective medical studies” on the topic.

Makary asked why the AMA won’t fund a study examining the “10-year regret rate” among children who undergo transgender surgeries.

A 2021 study on the motivations and perceptions surrounding uterus transplants for men found that 94 percent of respondents believed that being able to give birth “would enhance perceptions of their femininity,” while 88 percent believed menstruating would enhance this perception.

American Principles Project president Terry Schilling told the Washington Examiner that activists in medicine and science aren’t considering the “societal problems” that would result from this type of procedure. Schilling said the transgender industry is “built on narcissism” and seeks to “upend” humanity in pursuit of “worthless goals.”

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