Wealthy Families Shift To Public Schools For Ivy League Edge

(HorizonPost.com) – A college admissions consultant told the New York Post that high school graduates would have a better chance of getting into an Ivy League school if parents would forgo spending the money on fancy prep schools and instead enrolled their kids in smaller public high schools.

According to Command Education CEO Christopher Rim, students attending a public high school are four to five times more likely to get accepted into a top-tier university than students who attend a private prep school.

Rim said elite universities often cap the number of students they will accept from a single school and since a high percentage of prep school students apply to Ivy Leagues, the chances of getting in are harder.

He explained that a prep school student looking to attend an Ivy League school would likely be competing against dozens of his own prep school classmates for admission.

With caps on the number of students a college will accept from the same school, the competition would be fierce.

But not all public schools are the same.

Rim said he advises parents to send their kids to a second-tier public school rather than one of the more competitive public schools, explaining that a competitive public school will have the same problem as a prep school, with many students vying for a place in the same elite colleges.

Rim said he has also suggested that parents consider moving to areas of the country that would improve their child’s chances of getting into a top university. Some have even relocated to smaller school districts in more remote states like Kentucky.

According to Rim, his clients have even hired “relocation specialists” to help them find the best zip codes for improving their children’s chances of getting accepted to an elite school.

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