White House Drops Embarrassing Biden Gaffe From Transcript

(HorizonPost.com) – Last week, the White House had to once again correct an official transcript on its website after President Biden “misspoke” during his remarks last Tuesday, the New York Post reported.

While delivering remarks on the White House expanding access to mental health care last Tuesday, the 80-year-old Biden was boasting about his vow to “cure cancer.” He claimed that when he was asked, “why cancer,” he said it is because “no one thinks we can.”

Then, surprisingly, the president declared, “We ended cancer as we know it.”

Of course “cancer as we know it” has not ended.

It is clear from the White House transcript of Biden’s remarks, the president was supposed to say, “We can end cancer as we know it,” but he left off the word “can” and said “ended” instead.

Usually, however, when the president misreads his prepared remarks, the White House keeps the misstatement in place with a strike through the error and includes the correct remarks in brackets after the misstatement. But this time, the transcript did not include the president’s claim that we “ended cancer as we know it.”

But that wasn’t the only error President Biden made during last Tuesday’s speech.

Later in his remarks, the president claimed, “over 100 people” died during the COVID pandemic. While it is technically true that the number of dead is “over 100,” it isn’t the number the president was supposed to say.

The actual number of COVID deaths in the US according to the CDC is 1.1 million.

Worse still, the president didn’t just inadvertently say “100” once, he said it twice.

But with his “100” misstatement, the official transcript followed the usual procedure by adding a strike through the president’s “over 100 people” and “That’s 100 empty chairs” and inserting [1 million] in after each mistake.

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