Xi Jinping Slams America During Trip To Africa

(HorizonPost.com) – Last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping was in South Africa for the BRICS summit where he pledged greater cooperation between China and South Africa and praised developing countries for “shaking off the yoke of colonialism,” the New York Times reported.

While holding talks with the other leaders of BRICS last Wednesday, Xi called for the member countries to “accelerate” BRICS’ expansion as a way to counter the West. Accusing the West of maintaining a “Cold War mentality,” Xi explained that bringing more nations into “the BRICS family” would allow them to pool their strength and wisdom “to make global governance more just and equitable.”

During Wednesday’s meeting, the BRICS leaders warned against the return to a Cold War mentality, with several leaders criticizing the UN Security Council for failing to end the war in Ukraine.

While Xi skipped the business forum on Tuesday, China’s Commerce Minister Wang Wentao read his prepared statement to the group.

In the statement, President Xi said China’s economy has “strong resilience, tremendous potential, and great vitality,” according to Reuters.

While China’s recovery has slowed down in light of weak consumer spending, a worsening real estate slump, and falling credit growth, Xi insisted that China enjoys many economic advantages, including a large labor force, a full industrial sector, and a “super-sized market.” 

He assured the BRICS members that China’s economy will ride out the storm and “forge ahead.”

During his meeting with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa last Tuesday, Xi said African nations should work more closely with China to address the “chaos” and “changes” in the world, a common theme Xi uses to describe the increasing competition from the United States.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who appeared at Wednesday’s meeting via video link, blamed the West for the war in Ukraine. He said the chairmanship of BRICS would go to Russia next year and announced that the country would host the 2024 BRICS summit in the city of Kazan.

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