YouTube Puts New AI Flagging System In Place

( – While YouTube will allow creators to use artificial intelligence, the video platform will also introduce new policies that will require content creators to indicate if they have uploaded AI-generated content, Variety reported.

YouTube also plans to introduce ways for users to request that content be pulled if it “simulates an identifiable individual” or “mimics an artist’s” voice.

The company said it will be introducing updates in the next few months informing viewers if any content is “synthetic.” To do that, YouTube is requiring content creators to disclose their use of synthetic or altered content designed to be realistic.

Any content creator that “consistently” fails to disclose their use of altered or AI-generated content could be subject to penalties, including removal of content or suspension from ad revenue sharing.

AI-generated content will be labeled both in the description panel and for certain content on “sensitive topics,” in the video player itself.

“Sensitive topics” include content that discusses public health crises, elections, ongoing global conflicts, or public officials.

Users will be able to request that YouTube take down any AI-generated or other synthetically altered content that simulates the face or voice of an identifiable person through the platform’s privacy request process.

While users can make the request, the company said not all content will be removed simply due to a request. Instead, YouTube will consider various factors when evaluating the request, including whether the content is satire or parody, or if the content features a public official or celebrity.

For requests to remove content that simulates the unique voice of a singer or rapper, YouTube will consider whether the content “is the subject of news reporting, analysis or critique of the synthetic vocals,” according to the company.

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