Abbott Speech Event Turns Violent with Protestor Clash

( – A heckler who interrupted a speech by Texas Governor Greg Abbott was quickly dispatched by the crowd last Saturday in an incident captured on video.

The governor was delivering a speech in support of Texas state Rep. Candy Noble when a pro-Gaza protester began heckling him. The audience responded with boos while a group of them started to remove him from the room.

The protester could be heard on video shouting “Don’t f*cking touch me,” as the crowd continued to shove him toward the exits. A group of attendees in cowboy hats finally removed the protester.

The incident occurred on the same day that pro-Gaza protesters were marching in cities around the world in support of a ceasefire.

In Washington, D.C., thousands of protesters descended on the White House to protest Israel’s war against Hamas and demand an end to the so-called “genocide” of Palestinians.

The crowds held up signs protesting President Biden’s support for Israel, including “Genocide Joe” and “Biden has blood on his hands.” One protester carried a sign demanding that Biden be excommunicated from the Catholic Church for his support for “genocide.”

Street vendors showed up at the protest selling South African flags so demonstrators could show their support for the country whose accusations of genocide against Israel prompted the International Court of Justice to take the case.

At one point, the protesters rushed the outer perimeter fence of the White House grounds, prompting a response from uniformed Secret Service in riot gear.

Some of the protesters began hurling sticks and water bottles at Secret Service officers while throwing bloodied dolls over the fence. Other protesters attempted to scale the fence while shouting, “F*ck Joe Biden.”

In a statement to Fox News, the Secret Service said some of the fencing was damaged outside of the White House grounds and White House staff and reporters were “relocated” (AKA evacuated) as a result of the fracas.

The president and first lady were not in the White House at the time as they had traveled to Camp David for the weekend.

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