Aggressive Bill Aims To Restore Law & Order In Dem State

( – A Republican state Senator in New York in late March introduced a series of bills aimed at protecting legal property owners from squatters.

In a March 26 press release, Senator Mario Mattera, who represents a Senate district on Long Island, said his four-part package of bills included S-8867, a bill that would empower law enforcement to swiftly evict people illegally residing in a residential property.

Like the Florida legislation signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis late last month, under S-8867, a homeowner can submit a sworn complaint directly to law enforcement without going through the courts to have squatters removed.

The legislation also includes civil protections for those wrongfully evicted.

Senator Mattera explained that protecting tenants from “malicious actions” was necessary but it was also “crucial” that the state “decisively protect legal homeowners who have suffered” under the “current broken system.”

The Long Island Republican said New York State must reverse the current trend “that favors squatters and trespassers” by “reinstating” fundamental property rights to New York’s homeowners.

Mattera cited the recent incident in which a property owner was beaten to death and stuffed inside a duffle bag by two individuals who were squatting in her late mother’s apartment.

In an interview with Fox News on Monday, Senator Mattera said the state had to do more to fix what he described as a “huge epidemic.” He said squatters illegally trespassing on properties were getting people hurt and killed. He said his legislation would give law enforcement the tools they needed “to do their job.”

The senator’s anti-squatting package also includes S-8866, a bill that would redefine the definition of “occupant” in current statutes to make it clear that it did not include trespassers or squatters.

S-8868 would exclude squatters and trespassers from self-help evictions, which currently protect the “rights” of squatters. It would also clarify that third-degree criminal trespass includes anyone illegally occupying a property.

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