Archbishop Criticizes Biden’s Faith

( – The Archbishop of Washington, D.C. over the weekend suggested that President Joe Biden, while sincere about his Catholic faith, was an example of a “cafeteria Catholic,” The Washington Examiner reported.

In an appearance on CBS News’s “Face the Nation” on Easter Sunday, Wilton Cardinal Gregory, along with Washington, DC Episcopal Bishop Reverend Mariann Budde discussed the current state of faith in the country with host Ed O’Keefe.

At one point while discussing President Biden’s “devout” Catholicism, O’Keefe asked the archbishop if Biden’s Catholic faith resonated with American Catholics.

Cardinal Gregory said he believed that the president was “very sincere about his faith” but added that like many Catholics, Biden “picks and chooses” aspects of the Catholic faith to highlight “while ignoring or even contradicting other parts.”

The archbishop described the president’s Catholicism as being a “cafeteria Catholic,” picking what is “attractive” while dismissing what is “challenging.”

When pressed for examples of the aspects of the Catholic faith Biden dismisses, Cardinal Gregory pointed out “the life issues” for which he claimed Biden tended to “twist and turn” to his political advantage.

Both Ed O’Keefe and Bishop Budde quickly defended President Biden’s pro-abortion position and O’Keefe shifted to ask if, aside from his pro-abortion stance, Biden had any impact on bringing Catholics back to church.

Cardinal Gregory dismissed Biden’s impact, saying while the president does attend mass regularly, he side-steps some of the “hot-button issues” when he is not using them as a political tool. He added that the Church did not want issues of faith to be used that way.

Biden’s pro-abortion position has put him at odds with the Catholic Church. Not long after Biden took office, US Catholic bishops voted overwhelmingly to deny holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians. While the teaching document did not specifically name Joe Biden or any other pro-abortion Catholic politician, it was understood that the move was made in response to the Catholic president’s support for abortion.

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