Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire Targets Donald Trump

( – Daily Wire hosts strongly criticized CNN’s decision to host Donald Trump, stating that the network had done a great favor for the former President. Ben Shapiro, one of the most high-profile Daily Wire presenters, posted a lengthy tweet saying that Kaitlin Collins, who interviewed Trump, only asked him about issues that concern Democrats, and not Republicans.

He concluded his comments by stating that the evening was a “ridiculous failure” by CNN. He claimed that the left-leaning network only went ahead with the interview because it wants Trump to secure the Republican nomination as he will be easier for the Democrats to defeat in 2024.

Matt Walsh, also a key Daily Wire figure, did not mention President Trump’s appearance on CNN, while senior writer Ryan Saavedra tweeted that the former President was “getting absolutely wrecked” by Kaitlin Collins. He went on to suggest that Trump had made a major blunder by agreeing to participate in the event.

Saavedra deleted that tweet and then began posting data apparently showing Ron DeSantis leading Trump at the polls. Pro-DeSantis tweets regularly appear on Saavedra’s account, and Ben Shapiro has previously stated that the Florida Governor would make a better President than Donald Trump.

Last November, Media Matters for America published a story claiming that Ron DeSantis is paying the Daily Wire for favorable coverage. Eric Hananoki claimed DeSantis paid more than $100,000 in a year, and the outlet earned this payment by promoting DeSantis over Trump among its conservative following. Recent polling, however, suggests the efforts are failing.

A Morning Consult survey on May 15th, days after the CNN town hall interview, shows Trump with his most substantial lead yet. The former President is polling at 61% compared to just 18% for DeSantis.

In an interview with the new outlet The Messenger, Trump said DeSantis has no personality and lacks political skill. He also accused the Floridian of disloyalty and repeated his claim that his endorsement propelled DeSantis to the Governor’s mansion.

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