Colleges Brace for Spring Break Debauchery Surge

( – Miami Beach has launched an effort to “break up” with spring break, imposing curfews and police crackdowns to curtail the spring break violence that has plagued the city for three consecutive years, the Associated Press reported.

The city introduced the new spring break security measures in a video titled “Miami Beach is Breaking Up with Spring Break.”

Under the monthlong crackdown, the city imposed parking restrictions for non-residents and will close sidewalk cafes during busy spring break weekends. Spring breakers were warned to expect bag searches on the beach, DUI checkpoints, curfews, and early beach closures. The city will also step up arrests for any violence or drug possession.

While visiting Miami Beach last Tuesday, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that he would bolster the local police department by deploying 45 state police officers to Miami Beach.

The governor told potential spring breakers that if they were coming to “enjoy Florida,” they should have a good time. However, if they planned to cause “havoc” or commit crime, “you’re going to pay the price,” UPI reported.

While many of the spring break restrictions aren’t new, in previous years, they were only instituted as emergency measures rather than imposed in advance.

Miami Beach Mayor Steven Meiner defended the crackdown, explaining that it was clear from the past few years that the status quo was not “tolerable” or acceptable.

The mayor said the spring break crowds had grown unmanageable in recent years despite the increased police presence. He noted that since Miami Beach is on a barrier island, it can only host so many spring breakers, and in recent years, the capacity exceeded what would be safe for both Miami Beach residents and visitors.

Most of Miami Beach’s spring break activities are centered along a 10-block stretch of Ocean Drive. Mayor Meiner said local businesses have been forced to close due to violent mobs gathering on Ocean Drive. He argued that most of those who cause the problems don’t spend any money in the city.

Some civil rights groups have claimed that the restrictions imposed by Miami Beach are racially motivated.

However, Mayor Meiner rejected the claim, saying he was obligated to “keep people safe, and right now, it is not safe.”

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