DEI Training Extended to The North Face Customers

( – Outdoor clothing retail giant The North Face is offering customers who work in the outdoor industry a 20 percent discount if they complete an online racial inclusion course that teaches them about white privilege in the outdoor industry and how to be an ally to people of color, the Washington Examiner reported.

The course, “Allyship in the Outdoors,” aims to instruct participants on the challenges minorities face in “accessing the outdoors.” The retailer seeks to train white people who work in the outdoor industry to become better allies by making the outdoors “a safer and more welcoming place for everyone.”

The DEI-inspired training course focuses on race and racism to help white people understand that people of color have different experiences. It offers “training and resources” that will help white people be better allies.

When participants complete a module, they are required to answer a series of questions, like “Why should we aim to achieve equity in the outdoors?”

To make white people better “allies,” the course requires participants to listen to testimonials and instructs them on white privilege, which the course explains as having a race or skin color that allows access to the outdoors that others have been excluded from due to “historic, enduring racism and biases.”

Allyship training also instructs participants on how to respond to Facebook comments accusing them of being “too woke” by encouraging them to flag the hurtful comments for the Facebook manager to have them removed. If a participant chooses to reply to hurtful comments, the course instructs them to calmly provide the company or organization’s guidelines on racism and hate speech.

The final module of the course instructs participants to accomplish “allyship” by taking personal and systemic action that would allow them to question the status quo.

Once the participants complete the training, they take an “Allyship in the Outdoors” pledge and The North Face rewards them with a 20 percent discount to use for purchases at its online store.

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