Fani Willis’ Dress Backward, Experts Say Minor Concern

( – Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ fiery testimony in her misconduct hearing three weeks ago prompted a slew of commentary from so-called “experts” in body language, the pseudo-science that has flourished in the social media age.

However, the body language “experts” appear to view Fani’s body language differently.

Days after Willis unexpectedly demanded to take the stand in the evidentiary hearing on allegations of her improper relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, Fox News host Laura Ingraham interviewed body language “expert” Tonya Reiman who described the Fulton County DA’s demeanor as “all confidence.”

From the length of her stride to the way she sat, Reiman said Willis oozed confidence and strength. She said Willis always maintained eye contact which revealed that she was “direct and forthcoming.”

Reiman told Laura Ingraham that it was clear from her body language that Willis was “used to being in front of an audience” and suggested that Willis’ “nonverbals” were “very strong.”

Not to be outdone, on their YouTube program “The Behavior Panel,” so-called body language experts Chase Hughes, Mark Bowden, Greg Hartley, and Scott Rouse spent more than an hour dissecting Willis’ every move and concluded that she wasn’t particularly confident.

According to their interpretation of her “blink rate,” teeth-baring, and obfuscations, Willis was more “chaffed and redirected” than any subject they had ever viewed.

During her often combative testimony, Willis defiantly pushed back on the allegations made by co-defendant Michael Roman’s attorney Ashleigh Merchant, telling her that the motion she filed was filled with lies. The exchanges between the two grew so heated that at one point, Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee called for a brief break to let things cool down.

Ultimately, it will be up to Judge McAfee, not the body language “experts,” to determine whether or not Fani Willis was telling the truth.

The judge heard additional testimony on Tuesday from special prosecutor Nathan Wade’s former law partner Terrence Bradley.

Bradley’s testimony was considered crucial to defense attorneys hoping to undercut claims by Willis and Wade about when their affair began.

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