Hillary Clinton Blames Hot Weather On MAGA Republicans

(HorizonPost.com) – As they do every July, the media and the Democrats are using the current hot temperatures to scream about the “climate crisis” while pushing their radical green agenda.

CNN reported on Thursday that high temperatures in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states have created a “heat health emergency,” while about 150 million Americans throughout the country are under “heat alerts.”

NPR raised the alarm last week, warning that climate scientists fear that the rising temperatures and supercharged heat are caused by climate change.

Democrat politicians from members of Congress to Vice President Kamala Harris have been citing the July weather as proof that the climate crisis is upon us and “we must act.”

Not to be outdone, former 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton topped them all by blaming “MAGA Republicans” for causing the temperatures to rise in July.

On Tuesday, Hillary retweeted a graphic from the Center for American Progress featuring headlines about the high temperatures.

The graphic declares that the “Climate Crisis is Here,” and explains that this is why the Democrats “passed historic clean energy investments” to fight climate change and “grow the economy.” Below that, the graphic notes that every “MAGA Republican” voted against the measure.

Hillary added in her tweet, “Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican. Or better yet, vote them out of office.”

Of course, Hillary seems to have missed the part of the CAP graphic that notes that the Inflation Reduction Act passed without “MAGA Republican” support. The “historic clean energy investments” passed and yet it is still hot in July, so maybe legislation in Washington has no effect on the weather.

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