House Democrats Advocate For Hearing On Kushner Business Deals

( – Democrats on the House Oversight Committee last Tuesday demanded a hearing into former Trump advisor Jared Kushner’s business dealings, accusing the former president’s son-in-law of “influence peddling” and “quid pro quo deals” while Trump was in the White House, the Washington Examiner reported.

In a March 26 letter to Chairman James Comer, Oversight ranking member Jamie Raskin and Democrat member Robert Garcia urged the chair to hold a hearing to address recent allegations about Kushner’s overseas real estate deals.

The Democrat lawmakers were responding to a New York Times report from mid-March that Kushner was trying to close real estate deals in Serbia and Albania. They suggested that the deals appeared to coincide with Donald Trump securing the Republican presidential nomination.

Raskin and Garcia told Comer that the Oversight Committee could not claim that it was “investigating foreign nationals” that have attempted to target the family members of high-ranking government officials if it would ignore matters involving Jared Kushner and Donald Trump.

They urged Comer to cooperate with them in investigating Kushner’s billions in foreign deals that they claimed appeared to be “quid pro quos for actions he took” while serving in the Trump administration.

The Democrats cited accusations that Kushner “leveraged” his position to shape the Trump administration’s foreign policy as a way to “secure billions” in foreign investments, particularly from wealthy Gulf monarchies.

They also said Kushner was considering investing in real estate that once belonged to the former Yugoslav Defense Ministry and claimed that this was a site Trump was “eying” before he was elected president.

The lawmakers claimed that the American people were “deeply concerned” about Kushner’s foreign business deals and said that the Committee had a responsibility to address those concerns.

In an interview with Fox News Digital last Wednesday, Chairman Comer dismissed the letter, describing it as an effort by Democrats to shield President Biden from congressional oversight.

Comer told Fox that Jared Kushner’s business ventures were “legitimate” and predated his father-in-law’s political career.

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