Jesse Watters Unravels the Roots of Progressive Extremism

( – The New York Post on Monday offered an exclusive excerpt from Fox News host Jesse Watters’ latest book, “Get It Together: Trouble Tales from the Liberal Fringe” which went on sale Tuesday.

The book is the result of dozens of interviews Watters conducted with radical left activists to find out why they believe what they do and how they are trying to change the country.

“Get It Together” features a series of interviews with many of the country’s most radical activists, including climate change activists, social justice warriors, and even a transgender woman who claims to be a wolf.

Through his interviews, Watters sought to find out why these various activists ended up with the views they held and where those radical ideas came from. Watters explains in the book that he searched for Americans whom he described as “out-of-the-mainstream,” not to engage in debate but to listen to their stories.

What he discovered was that most of their beliefs stemmed from personal struggles, including childhood trauma and broken relationships in their formative years. Most of the activists he interviewed struggled with drug and alcohol abuse and had “disastrous parents,” he wrote.

The excerpt published in the New York Post features three of the activists Watters interviewed.

The first was University of Toronto political science professor Joe Carens, an open borders activist who believes that nations do not have the moral right to have borders.

Carens reveals to Watters that he may have been molested as a child, possibly by a Catholic priest.

The excerpt also features Watters’ interview with a man named Hector.

In his interview, Hector admits to a history of drug use. Watters describes Hector as “The Toad Smoker” because he smokes the venom from toads.

Finally, Watters interviews Alexandra Cuc, who describes herself as an “anti-natalist.”

Cuc runs “Stop Having Kids,” an organization that encourages people to stop breeding.

In her interview with Watters, Cuc explains that environmental concerns are part of the reason she is an anti-natalist. However, she admits that even if the environment was not in danger, she would still oppose breeding.

“Get It Together” is published by HarperCollins.

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