Kamala Harris Repeats Suspicious Holiday Statement

(HorizonPost.com) – Kwanzaa season was once again upon us, as you undoubtedly know if your child has a woke teacher. The non-denominational celebration of African-American heritage started on Monday and lasted for seven days until January 1st. It honors one aspect of the black American experience each evening.

Not many people celebrate the days. According to reports, only 2.6 percent of people who planned to celebrate a winter holiday in 2019 would be celebrating Kwanzaa.

Even NPR questioned whether Kwanzaa was still a thing. The answer? Yes, but only for the audience that tunes in to NPR, which is also the audience that the Biden-Harris White House is concerned about.

Unsurprisingly, the president and vice president both issued Kwanzaa messages.

President Joe Biden expressed appreciation for “the rich heritage of African-Americans, which is deeply ingrained in the story of our nation” in the first family’s statement.

“We hope that in 2023, as we work to make the promise of our nation real in the lives of every American, we will all remember the wisdom of the seven Kwanzaa principles, especially the values of unity and faith,” he said.

Harris said Kwanzaa was always a special occasion when she was a kid. In her video, which she co-wrote with husband Doug Emhoff, Harris said, “We came together with generations of friends, family, and neighbors.”

“Chairs were always in short supply. As a result, my sister and I would frequently sit on the floor with the other kids and light the kinara candles together. The elders would discuss how Kwanzaa is a time to honor culture, neighborhood, and family.”

“And, of course, they taught us about the seven principles.”

Of course, they did.

It’s too bad that one of the seven principles honored during Kwanzaa isn’t “repeatedly making stuff up despite being called out on it.” Then, not only could Vice President Harris and President Biden share a favorite principle, but Harris could use the holiday each year to demonstrate how committed she is to that principle.

Self-determination, or kujichagulia, is Kamala’s preferred Kwanzaa principle. Despite the lack of supporting evidence, she claims she observed Kwanzaa as a child. Don’t ask for proof; accept her word.

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