Kelly Osbourne Under Fire Over Ozempic Comments

( – Kelly Osbourne, the famous television icon and daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, recently discussed her comments regarding the controversial weight loss drug known as Ozempic. Osbourne famously encouraged people to take Ozempic due to its efficiency and claimed the drug worked as a preferable alternative to exercising or other “boring” weight loss methods. Osbourne also said that people who advocate against the drug are simply envious or lack the money required to pay for Ozempic. Osbourne’s comments come during an Ozempic shortage, which prevented people who need the medication for genuine health issues from using the drug.

Among the people arguing against using Ozempic is Kelly Osbourne’s mother, Sharon Osbourne, who shared her experience with Ozempic in various media interviews and her appearances on the controversial television show The View. According to Sharon Osbourne, Ozempic could be potentially dangerous and pose grave side effects for people who abuse the medication. Sharon Osbourne cited her personal experience with Ozempic when criticizing the weight loss medication, which she claimed caused her to lose weight uncontrollably for an extended period.

Despite her mother’s comments, Kelly Osbourne claims that people criticizing Ozempic do so for invalid reasons. Osbourne said that some people who claim that others shouldn’t use the drug do so out of jealousy since they can’t afford the popular weight loss medication. Osbourne also claims that a lot of people criticizing Ozempic and encouraging people to avoid the controversial medication are secretly taking the weight loss drug and don’t want to admit it. Osbourne also said that she believes that, eventually, everyone will have access to Ozempic due to the effectiveness of the medication.

Osbourne’s comments quickly caused a surge of online criticism against her, with some online commenters claiming she’s out of touch with her fans and doesn’t understand how offensive her comments are. One person claimed that Osbourne failed to realize that due to the nationwide shortage of Ozempic, rich people like her and her family have an easier time getting the medication than the average American citizen. Other online users said that Osbourne’s comments failed to address the people who need Ozempic but can’t access it because people like her purchase the medication for themselves.

Kelly Osbourne responded to the backlash during a podcast with her mother and brother, admitting that she lacked the medical knowledge to understand how Ozempic works. She then said that she’s afraid to speak about weight loss medicine as she wants to avoid another controversy stemming from her comments about the drug. Although online users continue to criticize Kelly Osbourne for her remarks regarding Ozempic, she defends her position and claims that other people have agreed with her about the medication.

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