Letitia James Booing Leads to Sanctions for FDNY Firefighters

(HorizonPost.com) -The Uniformed Firefighters Association, one of the unions that represents New York City firefighters, has expressed concern over possible disciplinary action against some of its members who heckled New York Attorney General Letitia James at a department ceremony last week, the Associated Press reported.

The Democrat Attorney General was about to deliver a speech honoring the Rev. Pamela Holmes-Saxton, who was being installed as the first female African-American chaplain in the FDNY, at a promotion ceremony last Thursday when some in the audience started to boo and heckle James with pro-Trump chants.

James instructed the crowd to “simmer down,” noting that they were inside a “house of God.”

In an internal memo widely shared on social media, FDNY officials described the behavior as “grossly inappropriate” and disrespectful of the firefighters and loved ones attending the promotion ceremony.

The memo made it clear that while members of the FDNY had the right to voice their political beliefs, it should not happen on the job. It stressed that Attorney General James was not there to deliver a political speech but to support Rev. Holmes who was sworn in as the FDNY’s first black female chaplain.

FDNY officials also urged those who booed or chanted during the ceremony to come forward since the department was reviewing video footage of the incident as part of its investigation.

Uniformed Firefighters Association President Andrew Ansbro described the boos and chants as “unfortunate” since Attorney General James had been a strong supporter of firefighters, but he argued that all promotion ceremonies take on something of a “carnival atmosphere,” with some in attendance even wearing costumes and blowing air horns.

Ansbro told the Associated Press that the department did not call for “reeducation” after FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanaugh was booed at a promotion ceremony last year.

He said the union, which represents about 8,500 FDNY members, was concerned that its members would be disciplined over the incident, even though the top officials in attendance last week never intervened when the attorney general was heckled.

The FDNY confirmed to the Associated Press that the incident was under investigation.

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