Long-Lost Ancient Greek Temple Discovered

(HorizonPost.com) – Excavation on an ancient temple of Apollo that was first discovered in Cyprus in 1885 and re-discovered in 2021 by a team of German archeologists continues as researchers seek to uncover even more of the area, the Cyprus Mail reported.

In 2021, archeologists discovered the remains of ancient masonry at the Sanctuary of Apollo at Frangissa. The latest excavation, which began in 2022, sought to explore the complex temples “to gain important insights” into the functions of ancient sanctuaries, according to the Cypriate Deputy Culture Ministry.

The team of archeologists from Frankfort and Kiel Universities in Germany located the sanctuary in 2021. Despite initially being discovered in 1885, the sanctuary was considered lost.

After initial excavation uncovered the ancient masonry, last year’s work aimed to explore the areas uncovered in 1885 and document them using modern archeological standards. The archeologists also sought to explore the unexamined areas around the site.

Since then, the excavations have allowed for further examination of the structure’s remains.

According to the Cyprus Mail, the enclosure measures around 12 by 17 meters with walls consisting of carefully-packed stone sockets up to 1.2 meters in height. Based on research, while the complex dates to the Hellenistic period, there is evidence that it underwent expansion and remodeling after its construction.

Within the core of the sanctuary is an open courtyard and a roofed cult room that dates to the Archaic period.

Newly discovered structures within the complex indicate a larger expansion phase during the Hellenistic period that increased the area significantly and possibly expanded the uses of the sanctuary.

Archeologists also found terracotta fragments that appear to be part of a large terracotta male figure similar to the Colossus of Tamassos, which was originally found during the 1885 excavation and is now at the Cyprus Museum.

The excavation will continue into next year.

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