Melania Trump Adviser Tells What She Saw Under First Lady’s Leadership

( – Melania Trump’s foreign advisor revealed what she saw under the first lady’s leadership and spoke on the claims that the situation with Stormy Daniels created a rift between the Trumps, according to The Independent. The narrative begins when news came out of alleged hush money paid to Stormy Daniels, Melania left the White House to spend some nights at a hotel.

The alleged revelation was that Trump paid Daniel’s money to keep the affair from his wife, according to The Daily Mail. Unnamed sources told the outlet that Trump was going to do whatever he could to keep the affair quiet despite knowing what the consequences would be. They also noted that the couple’s 13th wedding anniversary came around this time. 

But Stephanie Winston Wolkoff tweeted after the story came out, calling it “BS” because she was there. She wrote that Melania had stayed in her own bedroom at the White House while she slept in her bedroom above hers. 

The hush money paid to Daniels is reportedly the subject of an investigation by New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg. News began to circulate that Trump was going to get arrested and indicted, but the arrest has yet to be made. The Judiciary Committee has tried to contact the D.A.’s office but has been rudely hung up on, according to The New York Post.

A source told the Post that it was not surprising that the office behaved in such an embarrassing way with how partisan the office has become. The committee reportedly requested documents and testimony related to the charges he’s bringing against the former president. Republican Rep. James Comer called the move “an unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial authority.” 

He continued to say that they expect him to testify about “what plainly appears to be a politically motivated prosecutorial decision.”

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