Parkland Survivor Undermines Trump’s Sneaker Business By Purchasing Website Domain

( – Gun control activist David Hogg pranked Trump supporters eager to buy a pair of Trump’s gold high-top sneakers by setting up an alternative website “” that redirected traffic to a gun control site, The Huffington Post reported.

Trump introduced the line of Trump-inspired footwear on Saturday at the Philadelphia Convention Center’s SneakerCon.

In a presentation that was met with both cheers and loud boos, Trump showed off a pair of the shiny, gold high-tops featuring an embossed “T” on the side and an American flag along the back of the high-top. Billed as “Never Surrender” high-tops, the shoes retail for a staggering $399 from the website

The website also features a cologne and perfume called “Victory47,” for $99.

The website includes a disclaimer informing customers that it is not connected to the Trump presidential campaign. However, members of the Trump campaign are featured in promotions on the website.

On the same day Trump launched his latest money-making endeavor, Hogg posted on X that he purchased a similar domain, “,” to hoodwink Trump supporters trying to buy the shoes online.

Hogg’s phony domain redirects traffic to the website, a site that allows users to recreate the voice of someone killed by guns using AI to record a message that can be sent to members of Congress calling for gun control.

Axios reported on Tuesday that the “gettrumpsneakers” website sold out of the “Never Surrender” high-tops within hours of Trump’s launch on Saturday.

However, the website listed the high-tops as “Super Limited,” with only a thousand sneakers available – ten of those were autographed by Donald Trump, according to Axios.

The sneakers are not sold or distributed by Trump or the Trump Organization. Instead, the Trump name and likeness were purchased from Trump under a license agreement by 45Footwear, LLC, the website said.

The website offered two different low-top sneakers as well, the Red Wave and the POTUS 45 for $199.

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