President Takes Aim at Trump and Allies in Washington Banquet

( – President Biden attended the annual Gridiron Club Dinner in Washington over the weekend where he made the typical jokes expected at the event but also used his remarks to warn about the threats to democracy at home and abroad, CBS News reported.

In his prepared remarks, Biden joked that the candidates from the two major parties had clinched their nominations last week, describing one candidate as “too old” and “mentally unfit” and the other candidate, Biden said was him.

The president made scripted jokes hammering Donald Trump over his age and memory loss, including a joke about Trump allegedly forgetting his wife’s name and the times Trump appeared to suggest that his 2024 opponent was Barack Obama.

Typically, the Gridiron Club Dinner is a jovial affair, with partisan politicians poking fun at themselves and each other.

However, President Biden, who frequently veers into dark, divisive rhetoric, quickly shifted away from the lighter fare to return to his usual warnings over the threats to freedom and democracy that would come with a second Trump presidency.

Boasting about his administration’s record, Biden proudly proclaimed that all of his accomplishments were achieved without “itching for insurrection” or making the country an embarrassment around the world.

Biden warned that freedom and democracy were under attack around the world. He pointed specifically to Russian President Vladimir Putin and noted recent remarks Trump made about suggesting to Putin that he could do “whatever the hell you want” to NATO members who failed to spend enough on their defense.

The president also claimed that freedom was “under assault” in the United States, citing specifically voter integrity laws and pro-life legislation passed in Republican-led states. He also claimed that the attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election was still a “poison” coursing through the “veins of our democracy.”

This year’s Gridiron Club Dinner also featured remarks from Utah Republican Governor Spencer Cox and Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

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