Radio Host Charlamagne Tha God Flooded with Calls on Migrant Issue

( – New York City radio personality Charlamagne Tha God revealed that he is getting calls from New Yorkers who are fed up with the flood of migrants in their city, Fox News reported.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, the radio host was asked to weigh in on whether he believed the border crisis would be a major issue in the November election.

Charlamagne said he is always hearing from listeners who complain about the effect the migrant crisis is having on their communities. He said from the calls he gets on his morning show “The Breakfast Club,” it is clear that people are concerned about it.

He said in the past year, callers have talked about several problems related to the migrant crisis, including gangs like MS-13 taking over their neighborhoods. Citing the recent controversy in Brooklyn, Charlamagne said callers complained about migrants from the tent shelter nearby being placed in James Madison High School for a day due to bad weather while the students had to do remote learning.

Charlamagne also slammed New York City’s Democrat Mayor Eric Adams for his hypocrisy on the issue. He said Adams used to boast about New York being a sanctuary city but now is complaining about the illegal immigrants coming to New York.

He also hit Vice President Kamala Harris for telling migrants not to come to the border.

While Charlamagne said he did believe that the border crisis would be a “real big issue” ahead of the 2024 election, he had his doubts that Congress was capable of solving the problem. He claimed that the Senate’s filibuster rule was preventing Congress from passing legislation to address the border crisis.

When asked if he thought President Biden bore any responsibility for the crisis at the border, Charlamagne said as president, Biden is responsible. He added that if Biden will take credit for every good thing that happens, he must also take credit for the bad things that happen on his watch.

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