Riley Gaines Reveals NCAA Collusion

( – Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines revealed last week that she had to undergo pronoun “training” while a senior at the University of Kentucky, Fox News reported.

While appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast last Thursday, Gaines, an outspoken advocate for protecting women’s sports, said when she was a senior, Kentucky brought in an “outside professional” to instruct swimmers on using the proper pronouns.

She told host Joe Rogan that the instructor had the students sit through mock interviews to ensure that they used pronouns correctly, and if they didn’t, they had to do it again.

Gaines also revealed that transgender swimmer “Lia” Thomas’s teammates and their parents sent a letter to the university expressing discomfort over seeing Thomas’s male genitals in the locker room.

According to Gaines, the school replied to the letter by providing resources for the teammates and their parents to help them “re-educate” themselves.

“Lia” Thomas became the first transgender swimmer in the NCAA and went on to win the women’s swimming title in March 2022.

Rogan asked Gaines if “Lia” still dated or fooled around with women at the time he was swimming for the women’s team.

Gaines said from what Thomas’s teammates told her and based on “public knowledge,” “Lia” was still dating women at the time. However, Gaines said that currently “Lia” is engaged to another transgender woman, adding that the two men must now identify as lesbians.

Gaines also recounted her experience when she tied Thomas for fifth place in a national swimming championship. She told Rogan that the NCAA had placed restrictions on the women athletes, barring them from saying certain things about “Lia” Thomas.

She also discussed what it was like to be a college athlete during the pandemic and suggested that colleges found out during the lockdowns just how much they could control students.

Gaines also praised Elon Musk for purchasing Twitter, telling Rogan that she had been suspended from the social media platform for speaking out against male athletes in women’s sports and said Musk was single-handedly turning the culture around.

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