Sage Steele Uncovers Presidential Interview Woes

( – According to former ESPN host Sage Steele, interviewing President Biden in 2021 was a “heartbreaking” experience, with the elderly president often getting confused and unable to complete a sentence, the Washington Times reported.

While appearing on Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast last weekend, Steele recounted her interview with President Biden that aired in 2021 as part of ESPN’s coverage of Major League Baseball’s Opening Day.

Steele’s interview was via satellite rather than in person, and she said as they waited for some technical problems to be sorted out, she was forced to “chitchat” with the president. However, she was unable to see him as they chatted since White House staff kept the lens cap on the camera until right before ESPN began recording the interview.

She told Bill Maher that she could hear Biden talking to White House staff while she sat looking at a blank screen, and the president seemed confused about who was interviewing him and for what network he was being interviewed.

Once the interview began, Biden started things rolling by telling Steele about playing football in high school and his brief stint on the freshman football team at the University of Delaware. She said the “saddest thing” was when, at one point in his boasting, Biden’s voice simply “trailed off” and “he went silent” before eventually saying, “Uh, never mind.”

Steele said that was when she understood why Biden spent the last campaign in his basement, explaining that he couldn’t complete his sentences.

“He struggled,” Steele said of the interview.

Describing the interview as “the saddest thing,” Steele told Bill Maher that while she didn’t vote for Biden, from a “human aspect,” what Americans are witnessing with the 80-year-old president “is heartbreaking.”

Steele said it was “inexcusable” that the Biden family is putting the president through this again when they knew all of this during the last election.

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