Small Wisconsin Town Feels Effects of Border Crisis

( – The Washington Free Beacon this week published a report on a small town outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin that has seen a flood of illegal aliens arrive since 2021.

Whitewater, Wisconsin’s population has increased by nearly 10 percent in the two years since the migrants started coming. Nobody in the town knows why the migrants have chosen to settle there since it is not a sanctuary city and it isn’t as if Texas Governor Greg Abbott is sending busloads to Whitewater.

The Free Beacon spoke with residents and town officials, some of whom believe that the illegals chose Whitewater because it would be a good place to hide.

Jeffrey Knight, president of the Greater Whitewater Committee told the Free Beacon that New York City has been objecting to migrants increasing its population by 2 percent. But if New York experienced the same population increase due to migrants that Whitewater has, it would amount to over 1.5 million people.

Knight said he didn’t oppose immigration. Instead, his concern was for Whitewater’s lack of resources to handle the influx.

The town was forced to employ English language teachers at the public schools to handle all of the students who barely speak English. One town official said the new teachers have cost the district hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to one school official, there are now at least 300 migrant students enrolled in English language classes at the public schools. The official also said the schools have received reports that some of the migrant students were being abused at home.

Whitewater Police Chief Dan Meyer told a Wisconsin public radio station in January that the police were unable to provide the community with the same level of service that residents were accustomed to.

Meyer, who didn’t speak with the Free Beacon, is one of several state and local officials who have asked the Biden administration for assistance in dealing with the influx of illegal aliens.

He told WPR that things needed to change in the town both for its residents and the migrants from Central America.

In January, Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin called on President Biden to provide “immediate assistance” for Wisconsin cities and towns whose resources have been stretched due to the increase in illegal migrants.

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