Socialite Allegedly Conspires For New Trial From Jail

( – The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office has accused convicted socialite Rebecca Grossman and her legal team of jury tampering following the trial in which she was found guilty in the 2020 hit-and-run deaths of two young boys, KTLA reported.

A jury last month convicted the 60-year-old Grossman of two counts of second-degree murder, two counts of gross negligence vehicular manslaughter, and one count of hit-and-run resulting in death.

Grossman was convicted in the deaths of brothers Jacob and Mark Iskander who were killed in a Westlake Village crosswalk on September 29, 2020.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Monday that prosecutors have filed a motion in court requesting that Grossman be prevented access to jailhouse phones after an investigation into her phone calls revealed that she was trying to arrange a new trial.

Grossman allegedly asked her daughter to publish the police body cam footage from the hit-and-run that the judge in the case had ordered sealed. She also asked another individual to speak to the judge about giving Grossman a new trial.

Deputy District Attorney Ryan Gould and prosecutor Jamie Castro alleged in their motion that a private investigator hired by Grossman had contacted three jurors despite the judge’s order sealing the personal information of those who served on Grossman’s jury.

Gould and Castro argued that the only way the private investigator could have obtained the jury information was by making a copy of their names during jury selection.

The DA’s office accused Grossman and her defense of “actively attempting to engage in jury tampering” and the illegal possession of juror information.

Gould and Castro have also asked that Grossman be moved to a section of the jail where no visitors, except counsel, are allowed and there is no access to phones.

In their motion, Gould and Castro said Grossman’s recorded phone calls documented “numerous potential criminal conspiracies,” including requests to disclose protected discovery, discussions on interfering with witnesses, and attempts to influence the judge in sentencing.

Grossman is scheduled for sentencing on April 10.

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