Unexpected Leader in Arizona Senate Race Polls

(HorizonPost.com) – Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema could face an uphill battle if she decides to run for reelection in 2024, as yet another poll shows her losing to Democrat challenger Congressman Ruben Gallego in a possible 3-way race, The Hill reported.

Sinema, who left the Democrat Party late last year to become an Independent, has consistently polled behind Gallego since he first announced his bid for her seat.

In the latest Public Policy Polling survey, commissioned by the Gallego campaign, Sinema is running a distant third in a hypothetical match-up with Gallego and possible Republican candidate Kari Lake. Gallego topped the poll with 41 percent, followed by Lake at 36 and Sinema at an abysmal 15.

Likewise, Gallego leads in a hypothetical 3-way match-up with Sinema and Pinal County Sheriff, Republican Mark Lamb, with Gallego at 40 percent, Lamb at 31 percent, and Sinema at 16 percent.

In a similar 3-way hypothetical with Republican Blake Masters, Gallego again came out on top with 41 percent, followed by Masters at 31 percent and Sinema at 17 percent.

In a 2-way race between Gallego and Kari Lake, Gallego received 48 percent support to Lake’s 43 percent.

Sinema, who defeated Republican Martha McSally by less than 3 points in 2018, has seen her approval rating in the state plummet in recent years.

In the Public Policy poll, only 26 percent of respondents had a favorable view of the freshman senator while 52 percent viewed her unfavorably. By contrast, 38 percent viewed Gallego favorably while only 27 percent had an unfavorable view of the congressman. Another 35 percent of respondents weren’t sure, suggesting that Arizona voters still don’t know much about Sinema’s Democrat challenger.

When asked if Senator Sinema should run for reelection, only 23 percent said she should while the vast majority, 58 percent, said Sinema should stay out.

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