Winfrey’s Appearance Sparks Conspiracy Theories

( – Following Oprah Winfrey’s appearance on the red carpet at the Golden Globes earlier this month, the usual contingent of social media conspiracy theorists suggested that it wasn’t Winfrey at all but a body double, Newsweek reported.

Oprah appeared on the red carpet at the January 8 Golden Globes wearing a custom-designed Louis Vuitton purple gown with matching purple shoes as a nod to the remake of the film “The Color Purple,” for which she was executive producer.

The slim, 70-year-old Winfrey also wore sparkly glasses with her hair cascading along one side of her face.

Naturally, one Twitter user posted a video clip of the slim woman in the purple gown and suggested that she couldn’t possibly be Oprah Winfrey because Oprah doesn’t wear glasses or walk the same way.

When another user posted side-by-side photos showing Oprah on the red carpet in 2024 and a chubbier Oprah ten years earlier, the Twitter user quote-tweeted the post, adding, “Hmmm.” This prompted another user to suggest that the present-day Oprah was a body double.

Though it is possible that Oprah simply lost weight. It happens.

In an interview with People magazine last month, Winfrey discussed her lifelong struggle with weight loss and admitted that she started using the latest weight-loss medications available.

Oprah said that following knee surgery in 2021, she started hiking 3 to 5 miles a day and taking 10-mile hikes on the weekends. Oprah’s latest regimen includes drinking a gallon of water every day, counting points like Weight Watchers does, and not eating after 4:00 p.m.

Oprah told People that she avoided using weight-loss medications for a long time, believing that she could manage her weight solely through “willpower.” But in July, Winfrey finally jumped on the medication train following a panel discussion with clinicians and weight loss experts called “The State of Weight” for her “Life You Want” series.

At the same time, Oprah told People magazine that medications alone were not the solution to her struggles with weight.

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